Bad news – or maybe it’s good news

If you loved the movie Sideways, the decision of the director Alexander Payne to rule out a sequel will come as bad news, but of course if you hated this slightly cheesy tale of love in California’s idyllic wine country, it’ll be good news for you. Sideways author Rex Pickett has produced a sequel, called Vertical and featuring the same characters, but there seems little appetite on Pickett’s part to get involved, fearing perhaps that it might take away from the sheen of his earlier work.

Personally, I liked the movie, in part because I had done my own California wine trip shortly before the movie came out and as chance would have, I found myself in almost every location featured in the movie. I did not, however, meet a lovely waitress (Virginia Madsen in the movie) who fell in love with me.

I’d like to see a sequel – they’ve had a second bite at much worse movies.

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